Classic Black


Our House Signature. Made with strongly brewed Assam black tea, brown sugar, non-dairy creamer. Goes well with chewy black, white, or golden tapioca pearls.



Classic black milk tea boba, with its origins in Taiwan, is made with strongly brewed black tea (typically Assam or Ceylon) and then mixing it with milk (often condensed milk or creamer) and brown sugar. The “bubble” part comes from chewy tapioca pearls (boba), made from tapioca starch, which are added to the drink. These pearls are usually black or translucent. The sweet and creamy milk tea combined with the chewy boba creates a unique and delightful texture and flavor. Classic black milk tea is typically served with a wide straw for sipping both the tea and boba pearls. It’s gained immense popularity globally, with various flavor options, toppings, and sweetness levels. While its origins can be traced to Taiwan and Hong Kong, it’s enjoyed in many countries and has become a staple in the worldwide bubble tea scene.

Classic Black is the House Signature at Black Pearl Tea House.